GISConnect is an extension of GVMapper that operates on a web platform on the server side GVServer. Its objective is to expand the GVMapper database in order to convert its data according to the Open Gespatial Consortum (OGC) standard. This ensures the interoperability of the GVMapper data with any system that complies with the OGC standard.

Using GISConnect, you can connect the GVMapper database directly to ArcGIS, either through ArcSDE or any of its modules, ArcCatalog, ArcMap, ArcScene or ArcGlobe. Through this connection ArcGIS becomes a GVMapper data viewer which can interact with any of the data already present in ArcGIS. The connection is in real time so the changes made by the workgroups in GVMapper are reflected instantaneously in the ArcGIS connected through GISConnect.

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